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Glukpukti Cheak-tail by Magoot17 Glukpukti Cheak-tail by Magoot17
Here is one of many, many, many aliens I have created before I got addicted to Snaiad. I make some new ones every now and then but Snaiad and philosophy usually distract me. Ill make a point to post more of them in the future.

So not quite sure what I was going for with this guy, not quite sure if I was going anywhere with this guy to begin with...but just to make it interesting Ill try to flush a story out. So I imagine these as being rather semi-sapient, a rough alien analog of Terran elephants. They are quite social and much more vocal that the elephants of our Terra, being something like a cross being an elephant and a parrot. They have rudimentary hearing possessed of internal ears as well as a simple single nostril for breathing and smelling. Their sight is suites them quite well, having well-developed eyes that are quite flexible like that of Terran chameleons allows them to scan the eviroment in multiple directions in search of predators and food. As most predators of their world live below the spongy soil their best sense is in their feet; their feet are highly sensitive to vibration and allow them to feel movement in the earth below them. This allows them to detect predators often before they burst out of the earth. Although their beaks are adapted to cracking open the shells of their favorite food, "nut clams," they are also quite effective at tearing into flesh. Not an agressive predator, these animals have been known to exhibit agressive behavior if provoked by other animals in their territory. Although nut clams consist of most of their diet they are not above eating the flesh of other creatures if the need arises. Only sexually mature adults exhibit the vibrant coloration while their young remain a pale purple-grey to help them blend into the enviroment in order to avoid predators. Living in the warmer regions on their planet, Glukpuktis Prime, they have lost the dark "fur" that many other creatures they share the world with possess. The "cheak tails," although present in youth and adults alike, only grow to their proper length upon adulthood. These long flaps of muscular flesh are too weak to pick up anything but are dexterous enough for communication and social bonding. Adults often stroke one another to display affection and revert to agressive slaps complemented by high pitched shrieks for dominance displays.
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FCLittle Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this one....wonderfully bizaare....
Phaeda Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2008
Oh, what the fuck????



I like it.
But man.
OrzhovSlodier Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
I like it.

I just realized how easy this would be to Snaiadify. Just slap a second head on it. :P
Magoot17 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
to be honest im actually making something very much like this for snaiad. snaiad animals have "cheek flaps" i believe to store eggs in and one of my clades is going to have highly adapted cheek flaps that serve a very similar function to these animals although they will probably be much less dexterous. ill try to put those up soon so ppl can see the comparrison
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October 5, 2008
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